25 Different & Inspiring Product Designs 25種類の感動的な製品デザイン Even though we may focus on the digital side of design here on UltraLinx, we still have a lot of respect for industrial designers who shape products we may use everyday. Below are 25 different and inspiring examples awesome product designs.


上の画像の棚は最初からカーブを描いているわけではありません(Chuck – the flexible wall shelf)壁に取り付けただけでは一見シンプルな一般的な棚のようにも見えますが、柔軟性を持たせた木の板を使用しているため、どこに何を置くかで全く異なった形に姿を変えます。

25 Different & Inspiring Product Designs


Product/Industrial Design Inspiration | #1154 製品/工業デザインのインスピレーション|#1154 In these new galleries we present great product and industrial designs that are modern, creative and beautiful. Designs where form and function works perfectly together.



Product/Industrial Design Inspiration | #1154


Incredible Concept of an Eco-Friendly Modular Phone エコフレンドリーモジュラーフォンの信じられないほどのコンセプト Google’s Project Ara is probably the best thing that happened to mobile phones since the original iPhone. The concept of modular phone that you can build according to your needs sounds like the future. Google has invested a lot of money and effort to make Project Ara a reality and we shall see the result soon.



Incredible Concept of an Eco-Friendly Modular Phone

折り紙レザー – セルフ2015 Toyishプロジェクト

Origami Leather – SELF 2015 by Toyish Projects 折り紙レザー - セルフ2015 Toyishプロジェクト The concept is inspired from origami, playful but sophisticated. Using cleverly cut leather piece with exquisite slotting system and brass details, a stylish bag is presented. The revolutionary element is added in traditional leather making process. With your favourite combination of colors and sizes, it is your own style for every refreshing day. As time goes by, it can be your lifetime companion.


折り紙感覚で手作りできる革製品のキットです。Sides Expansionをつけた状態のギザギザ感がいいですね。

Origami Leather – SELF 2015 by Toyish Projects

学生の作品 – ハンナハート

Student Work – Hannah Hart 学生の作品 - ハンナハート For this project I was assigned to create alcohol packaging, so I chose to do Mexican tequila. As I did my initial research, I was very inspired by the culture, arts and history of Mexico, specifically Talavera. Talavera is the word used to identify the beautiful handmade pottery and fine ceramics that are trademarks of Mexican craftsmanship.


真っ白な陶器と味のあるイラストが癖になりそうな作品です。イラストのなんとも言えない表情にちょっとした病み付きになってますwこちら(Work-HANNAH HART DESIGN)でこの方の他の作品も見れますが、かわいらしいデザインのものが多いです!

Student Work – Hannah Hart


10 unusual and creative candle designs 10のクリエイティブなデザインの珍しいろうそく Who says the candle should be simple and straight like a pole? Whether you use it for lighting purpose or not, the below given 10 unusual and creative candle designs will surely make you buy one. They are even perfect for the interior decoration. Have a look at them below!



10 unusual and creative candle designs